Cedar Hill Anacostia Red

Cedar Hill Anacostia Red
Indulge in the captivating allure of Anacostia Red, a luscious red wine blend that invites you on a sensory journey. Savor the fresh, vibrant berry notes of succulent strawberries and ripe blackberries, complemented by a subtle hint of hot cocoa that lingers on the finish. This exceptional wine pays homage to the legacy of the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass, whose historic Cedar Hill residence still stands proudly in the heart of Anacostia, Southeast Washington, DC.

Anacostia red, with its rich heritage and exquisite flavors, is a true embodiment of sophistication and elegance. Elevate your moments of celebration or quiet reflection with this remarkable wine. Join us in raising a glass to history, taste, and the enduring spirit of Anacostia. Discover the magic of Cedar Hill Anacostia Red today and create your own legacy with every sip.

Weight: 2.00 LBS

Experience the legacy. Taste the history. Toast to Cedar Hill Anacostia Red.

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