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We work with the best vineyards in California and France to develop our unique blends. Our wines are created with women in mind. Owned and operated by a mother-daughter team, we understand that women face tough daily challenges. And we know we can tackle them together-with a great pair of shoes and a great wine!

Shoe Crazy Wine offers delectable recent vintages for your enjoyment and pleasure. Indulge your senses.
We believe a great wine is like a great pair of shoes…To be enjoyed over and over again!!

A new beginning
Then in 2013, Gwen’s path took an unexpected turn. The company where she had worked for over 15 years downsized, and she was let go from the job she loved. While driving to pick up her personal items from the office, Gwen and her daughter Brittny were in a car accident that left both of them severely injured. It took Gwen and Brittny a year of physical therapy to recover from their injuries.
One pair of shoes
Gwen Hurt had everything going for her. Three great kids and a successful career in IT that sent her on globetrotting business trips – far-removed from the poverty of her childhood. In those early days, she and her siblings each had one pair of shoes to wear for the entire year!


We’re proud to donate to local organizations like Sportable, VCU Massey Cancer Center and Lifeline.org.
We believe in supporting organizations that are making a difference in peoples’ lives.
We care about the health of the planet too. All of our partner vineyards run sustainable operations.

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Christin Gregores
Craddock Terry Hotel
Our customers love the wine but are equally excited to see the label because it fits our hotel so well!!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Jessie Bell

Corporate life is very demanding!  After a particularly grueling day, I look forward to my glass of Shoe Crazy Sweet Harmony!! It’s sweet  and smooth….