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I Like Moscato & Here’s Why!

Being in the wine business gives me a lot of access to drink pretty much what I want. My distributors court me with very nice bottles that I buy at wholesale to sell to my customers. But truth be told, most of the time when I am drinking wine, I am hanging out with my friends. We aren’t thinking about the complicated nuances of what’s in the bottle. We are simply enjoying time with one another and laughing louder than the musical soundtrack that is the background noise to another memorable occasion.

When I am blessed to have some of this bonding time with my friends, I usually bring a few random bottles from the cellar (yes, my office is in the basement so it is officially a “cellar). One of the bottles isn’t so random. It is a Moscato that I purposely pick. I like Moscato and here’s why.

1. It is refreshing and easy to drink. It can be chilled down nicely to be that perfect summer sipper at the cookout or by the pool. To me, it tastes like the juice from the canned fruit cocktail when you momma brought the lower sugar version.

2. Some are more clawingly sweet than others. I usually go for one with the lowest amount of residual sugar. Those allow you to enjoy the light essence of peaches with a hint of honeysuckle. Ask your wine steward which Moscato is best for your flavor profile.

3. Moscato is affordable! You can easily get plenty of good bottles for less than $15. Try Flo Moscato… it’s one of my favorites and it’s my wine of the week. Shop thevinewineclub.com for your bottle.

4. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t like Moscato. I also hear some of the same people saying that they only drink White Zinfandel. (No lie!). I’ve heard one person repeatedly deny its existence as a grape. When this happens at a gathering, I get to pass along my business card because it is time for them to attend one of my wine classes. Nine times out of ten, this person is screaming, “I am a wanna- be wine snot and I don’t know what the hell I am talking about!”

Let me help you.

Challenge yourself this week to find your favorite Moscato. Take a sip of summer!

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