101 W. Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23220

“I’m a regular girl with a discerning palate and willingness to share what I know.”

– Founder, Benita Johnson

Benita Johnson is an advocate for wine appreciation. She believes that for people to truly love and enjoy wine, they must find what they like. It doesn’t matter what she says or what the world’s best Master Sommeliers say…it is about the individual palate!

Through her unorthodox trainings, Benita encourages traveling and tasting.

She believes that the more one understands about the origin of the grapes, the geography, and the process, the easier the road to
appreciation. “We appreciate what we understand,” she says. Benita’s hope for her clients is that that
appreciation feeds the need to want to learn more!


  • Member of the Guild of Sommeliers
  • Owner of The Vine Wine Club, LLC
  • Host of “Off The Vine with Benita and Terricinia” Radio Show
  • Contributor to Cuisine Noir Magazine
  • Regional License Holder of Cuisine Noir Magazine’s “Behind the Business” Conference
  • Consultant to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Agriculture
  • Advisory Board Member of Virginia State University’s Hotel Management and Hospitality Department (under School of Agriculture)
  • Former owner of Flathead’s Restaurant (Richmond’s first floating restaurant)
  • Former owner of “Grapes and Barley” retail shop
(What She Likes to Talk About)
  • Pairings are Personal: Why the best food and wine pairings are the ones picked by you
  • Discerning Palates (Tasting to find the simplest things)
  • How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

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