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Everything Doesn’t Need to Be Saved: The Spring Cleaning Edition

Although I am talking about wine, this applies to so many things. However, this is a wine blog. I am going to stick to the subject.

Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting Austrian wine producer Josef Bauer. Mr. Bauer was in Virginia this week promoting his wines and hosting a series of Austrian wine events. I was one of the lucky ones that he selected to taste wines with at my shop. The wines that he poured were awesome as usual. It was a refreshing reminder that Austria produces solid wines that are affordable enough for everyday drinking and versatile enough to be the perfect accompaniment to many of our favorite dishes. One of the wines that he re-introduced was the Gruner Veltliner. I love Gruner because it is light, crisp, can stand a chill thus making it a go-to summer favorite and my classic fried chicken pairing. Mr. Bauer was sharing his 2016 vintage. It didn’t disappoint.

When he left, I did a sweep of my inventory and realized that the Gruner Veltliner that I had in stock was a 2014. “2014!” I thought. Why did I have a wine this long?

How many of us get a bottle of wine and decide that we are going to save it for a special occasion? All wines aren’t meant to be cellared. Truthfully, most wine is meant for immediate consumption. It was released at its ideal drinking time. If we decided to save it anyway, did we stash it someplace cool and dark?

I have special occasions often. And today’s special occasion is Monday. Drink the wine. Clean the cellar and get rid of the rest of the stuff that should have been long gone. Everything doesn’t need to be saved.

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