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Eola Hills Pinot Noir 2015

Last night, I hung out with a friend. By “friend”, I mean guy who I just met who owned a wine shop, and by “hung out”, I mean tasting every beer that he had on tap before leaving with a half-filled growler and a delightful bottle of wine that is from Oregon.

Educating myself on Oregon wines is one of the best experiences. I can’t get enough of the “homework”. Drinking wine can be a bit toiling…everything isn’t good…but I do it for you! You’re welcome!

Eola Hills Pinot Noir 2015

I love Pinot Noir. But I must admit, sometimes I find them a bit too “thin” for my taste. At first taste, I was pleasantly surprised. Supple red cherries on the palate and a slight “bite” on the finish. Just enough acidity to make for a great partner with food and pleasant enough to stand alone.

What to pair it with: This wine would have been great with the pork chops that I made last night. But I bet it would be just as good with the baked turkey wings that I am preparing tonight.

Where to find this wine: I don’t sell it but visit my new friend at Wine Lovers, Mechanicsville.

How much:
I think I paid about $20 (I was drinking!)

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