101 W. Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23220

#CoolSpots: Food Halls are The Next Best Thing

Who knew that a fancy food court could become a cool spot to hang out? I’m not talking about the cookie cutter food courts that we grew up on with one pizza shop, a few Asian take outs, a sticky bun joint, some major chain with an abbreviated menu and the origin of our favorite fast-food chicken space. Now the fancy food court is loaded with locally owned fresh food options, all centered with a bar! Who knew?

Transfer Food Hall is one of these amazing #coolspots in downtown Raleigh. Centered by a watering hole that features craft cocktails, artisanal beers on tap and a handful of wines, the hall encompasses restaurants for fresh seafood and a raw bar, butchered meats, handmade burgers and salads, and (my favorite) an ice cream shop, just to name a few. It is also a perfect gathering spot with its outside and indoor seating and areas for private gatherings.

Transfer is located at the corner of Davie and East Streets.

When in Raleigh, check out Transfer Food Hall. Go to the bar. It is highly likely that a stranger will buy you a shot. (I’ve seen it happen!)


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