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2017: Bottoms Up & Oregon Wine Country

Welcome to 2017!  I am doing something new with the blogging this year.  First, I am trying to be more consistent and secondly, more cohesive.  Years ago, I was fortunate enough to do some wine travel.  I took a break to raise children and now they are basically on auto-pilot.  So now momma can go!  With wine travel in mind, my blogs will be my study of regions that I want to visit.  This year, it’s Oregon!

Save the date:  September 20-24, 2017….A Trip to Oregon’s Wine Country

Today’s Wine:  2014 Bottoms Up, Mouton Noir

I must say, when I hear “Willamette Valley,” I normally don’t think Riesling.  After my first taste of Bottoms Up, I am open to a new way of thinking.

Oregon does Riesling…and well!

Bottoms Up is a refreshing Riesling blend that offers a combination of under ripe peaches and a hint of honey that lends a tad bit of sweetness.  The wine is the perfect balance of fruitiness and acidity to please the “foodie” who is looking to pair with a great meal or the recreational wine (un)snob like myself.

If I did food pairings:  Asian, a heavier fish (maybe cod or salmon), roasted chicken…whatever you like.

Price:  $17

Taste Bottoms Up for yourself at The Exclusive Blacklist 2017 in Richmond, VA on February 10, 2017.  Enjoy the company of good friends and great wines.  Mouton Noir is just one of the featured wineries among other African-American wineries represented.  Be a part of history!  Visit the “About The Exclusive Blacklist” page at www.thevinewineclub.com.  Secure your ticket.  Cheers!


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